When it comes to the art of survival, it appears man is not indestructible. Everyone looks for and finds the force to face the future whatever it costs. That has been the guiding principle for the last two decades in the films of Eline Flipse. Whether it was the young homosexual Russian pianist Yuri Egorov who had to flee his country, or the five Chinese composers of Broken Silence, who lived through the Cultural Revolution in captivity, all these broken characters recovered from all hardships. And even more than that: the opposition had strengthened their willpower even more.

Rudie Kagie for weekly Vrij Nederland
about Biografii, Albanian Stories

Some people wonder what exactly you find out about Albania. But for a history lesson you should make a different kind of film. For example with comment, BBC style. I want to make documentaries in which I can take the audience along with me, to tell a different story, at a deeper level. I think you can explain things, not by talking too much, but by creating an atmosphere, from which you can’t escape.
I do hope that people remember my protagonists better than any political explanation about Albania could ever could...

Eline Flipse, personal statement about Biografii, Albanian Stories