2011 Greetings from Lelystad
        documentary about Lelystad, city build on the bottom of the sea
        67 min. ElifliFilm/Omroep Flevoland premiere at Netherlands Film Festival Utrecht 22-9-2011

2011 Nasha Gazeta/Our Newspaper
        documentary about a Russian newspaper, published by only one journalist. 60 min. IKON/Elifli Film
        Prize for Best Mid-length Documentary Hot Doc’s Toronto, Canada

2009 Anybody There..?
        IKON/Elifli Film 60 min. About an unorthodox way of educating problem-kids
        No. 8 in the Top 20 at IDFA 2009

2009 Rails
        film based on music of composer Maurice Horsthuis. Elifli Film/Dutch Filmfund, 12 min.
2006/7 Homefront
        IKON/AFS 60 min. about how to keep calm when you son/lover/father is serving the war in Afganistan

2007 Polder Pioneers
        50 min. Elifli Film/Omroep Flevoland, about a choir of 100 farmers in the polder (land taken from the sea)

2006 Moros
        music film to a text by Erasmus and music by Maurice Horsthuis 30 min. Elifli Film

2005 Galina, A Russian Diva
        Scarabeefilms/AVRO 50’ about legendary opera singer Galina Vishnevskaya

2004 Made In China
2005 EMF Films/RVU 50’ about the millennium goals One $ a day

2002 Eat Your Enemy
2004 Documentary about aggression and spirituality

2002 The Man Who Did Not Exist
         Scarabeefilms/NCRV 50’ about refugee without papers

2001 Striving for The Sun
        3 masterclasses with cellist Mstislav Rostropovich Avro 3 x 45’

2000 Biografii, Albanian Stories
         Prix Europa 2001 Berlin – Willy Brandt Prize
         Maremma Doc Festival - Special jury award

1998 Typhoonschik
         about famous Russian cellist Natalia Gutman SCARABEE FILMS/NPS 70’

1997 Russian Travellers in Africa
         NPS 60’ ‘Voyageurs Russes en Afrique’ a true Russian fairytale

1996 An Ear On The Guard
         VPRO 60 min. about composer Robert Heppener

1996 The Plastic Dream
         VPRO 55’ documentary about the world of Tupperware

1995 (Broken Silence) De Oogst Van De Stilte
         Scarabee Films/AVRO 80’ 35 mm color about five young Chinese composers
         Winner Grand Prix Nyon 1996 (Switzerland)
         Winner Great Prize Ethnos Bacao 1996 (Romania)
         Winner Best Discovery Documentary Festival du Nouveau Cinema Montreal 1996 (Canada)
         Nomination Golden Calf Utrecht 1995 (Holland)

1991 In Search of a Displaced Orpheus
         VPRO 70 min. About the Russian composer Arthur Lourie (with the participation of Gidon Kremer)

1991 The Sound Of Silence
         NPS 50’ About composer Ton de Leeuw

1989 Yuri Egorov 1954-1988
         VPRO 70’ about Russian pianist
         Winner Special Jury Prize Banff ‘90
         Selected for the Prix Italia ‘90

1988 Future
         50’ Five portraits of young girls
1988 Kaalangst
         50’ About the ‘tragic’ baldness of men.
1987 A Beautiful Derailment
         50’ About composer Guus Jansen
1984 Tout Devient Musique
         60’ VPRO About pianist Pierre Volondat
1982 The Phenomenon B
          50’ About the phenomenon bibliophily